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The Joint Office initiative

The United Nations is committed to working together to harness the full potential of the varied specialized mandates and expertise of UN agencies and provide the best possible response for the benefit of the government and people of Liberia. The focus is on current and proposed activities that could be effectively integrated for better impact in the longer term, with all UN agencies working together in identified sectors.

Toward this effort, the United Nations in Liberia set up a joint office in Voinjama in Lofa County in June 2008 and two other offices in  Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, and Harper in Maryland County, offering the opportunity to share office space and resources as well as potential to achieve greater synergy in the UN’s interventions.

The UN team in Liberia is advocating and working on developing clearly defined areas for prioritized interventions beyond the physical aspects of a joint office.These include harmonized business practices, joint ICT, and travel services.